A person receives a short massage during a break at a meeting.
Embodiment for the Masses.

Just Embody curates experiences for individuals to strengthen their relationship to themselves–

A more embodied person is a more resourced one. Our methodology at Just Embody is marked by the playful integration of somatic or body-based experiences in most everything we do. Our task is to work as thoroughly and strategically as possible while honoring the cultural context, goals, and embodied wisdom of the individuals involved. We do this from the streets to the boardroom, from the bodywork table to the stage. This is occurring in museums, government, learning institutions, businesses and non-profits.

Embodiment can bring health to any relationship and be accomplished in all settings, industries, and positions. When given daily opportunities to counter oppression, overcome violence and rise to the calls for intersectional leadership … self-care becomes a mandate that must exist outside of capitalism.

Through a broad list of services, Just Embody can work with you to find what centering the Body & Relationship can do for your sense of resourced possibility.

Strength training can energize, keep back pain at bay as well as provide us with many powerful metaphors for our work for social change.