Just Embody is the healing practice of Alejandra (Tobar Alatriz), grounded in United Bodyworkers and Artists studio.

The work of healing and environmental justice is vast. It is ancient, Indigenous and simultaneously fresh in its current expression as a bourgeoning professional field. It demands our attentiveness to its intricate unfolding. It requires that emergent and multifaceted strategies come from workers in all sectors of society. It invites us to think creatively about how each of us do business, from the micro to the meta in scale, in relationship to one another.

For years, Alejandra (Tobar Alatriz) has focused her work engaging groups/ networks, supporting the health and strength of individuals, and engaging as a place-keeping community developer & artist. She co-founded the People’s Movement Center, a healing justice practice space and collective that operated from 2014 through late 2019. She is currently lead space holder and practitioner at United Bodyworkers and Artists in St. Paul, MN.


¿What is Global Somatics?