The work of healing and environmental justice is vast. It is ancient, Indigenous and simultaneously new in its current expression as a bourgeoning professional field. It demands our attentiveness to its intricate unfolding. It requires that emergent and multifaceted strategies come from workers in all sectors of society. It invites us to think creatively about how each of us do business, from the micro to the meta in scale, in relationship to one another. For years, Alejandra (Tobar Alatriz) has focused her work engaging groups/ networks, supporting the health and strength of individuals, and engaging as a place-keeping community developer & artist. Alongside wife Saby Labor, she co-founded the People’s Movement Center, a healing justice practice space and collective that operated from 2014 through late 2019. She also has an active working relationship with both Minneapolis and St. Paul City staff around planning and development without displacement. 

Cue United Bodyworkers and Artists (UBA) studio (website coming soon!)Together with Sun Yung Shin and Sara Wernick Schonwald, Alejandra now leads a space on occupied Dakota land as an incubator for justice movement work. A laboratory for healing and creativity- for individual and collective embodiment; a global somatics practice lab. This business practice exists to bring full-body intelligence to community growth and individual/ collective transition.  


Alejandra’s private healing practice is grounded in the Global Somatics Process (GSP), focusing on liberation through embodiment of the Natural Body– the interplay of the energetic and physical body. She was the first GSP Teacher certified in 2012, taught by its founder Suzanne River. Through varied protocols for individuals, couples, and groups, Alejandra uses bodywork to help the body heal and integrate, relieve stress, gain insight into endeavors, and more. As a healer, Alejandra is creative and supportive. She is deeply committed to the idea that strong individuals make happy, healthy community organizers, healers, and meaning-makers.

Supported by work at UBA, Alejandra and colleagues also facilitate spaces for groups and individuals in grassroots, business, educational and civic spaces. She has been a group facilitator, bodyworker and trainer in the movement and healing arts for close to twenty years. Here’s a resume, with general background and experience. 

IMG_8167Bodywork Education:::

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Body Intelligence, 2018-2020.                                       Fascial Movement Foundations Course, Merritthew Courses, May 2018.                             Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals Certified Massage Therapist (2009-2014).
Certified Global Somatics™ Practitioner and Teacher, Green River Dance for Global Somatics (includes 1500+ hours, masters level program in Somatics, providing training in repatterning the Natural Body through movement education & therapy, intentional touch, resonance, & sound, (2008-2013).
Stott Pilates Certifications (2006-2018).
AFAA Personal Training Certification (2010-2014).
TRX Instructor Training (2012).
Kettlebell as Personal and Group Training (2011).
Reiki Master and Teacher (2006-2020).

¿What is Global Somatics?