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Just Embody is a social impact business that exists to facilitate embodiment for the masses. Led by Alejandra (Tobar Alatriz), the firm provides direct services to groups and individuals, offers educational and practical gifts and products, and produces and curates intersectional experiences that center the Body, across the United States and globally.

Healing Justice requires that emergent and multifaceted strategies come from workers in all sectors of society. It invites us to think creatively about how each of us do business, from the micro to the meta in scale, in relationship to one another.

  1. Loring Park location
  2. Uptown location
  3. Community Development

In-person services are held on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Waȟpékhute (Dakhóta), Anishinabewaki (Ojibwe), and Očeti Šakówiŋ (Sioux) people and tribes, Mni Sota Makoce, also known as Minnesota. Mni Sota Makoce is Dakota for “land where the waters reflect the clouds”. Minneapolis in Dakota is Bdeóta Othúŋwe, “Many Lakes City”, and in Ojibwe called Gakaabikaang, “At the Waterfalls”. 

Loring Park location

New and returning clients are welcomed at our spot right across the street from Loring Park. Small group classes are also housed within Body of the Earth Massage studio (::::1624 Harmon Pl #209, MN, 55403::::). The wheelchair accessible entrance is found
1645 Harmon Place #209, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Metered and street parking is available nearby.

Uptown location

Returning clients are welcomed at Alejandra’s studio a mere blocks from Lake and Lyndale in Uptown, Minneapolis. This does come with a canine assistant so not for those who are allergic to dogs. The address is
2841 Bryant Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Street parking is available nearby.

Community Development

(Tobar Alatriz) has contributed to the incubation of over 30 healing justice practitioners over the last decade as a foundational part of her business practice. This has been through various community development efforts, including but not limited to Alejandra’s co-founding of the People’s Movement Center, United Bodyworkers and Artists and The Fields at Rootsprings. This work is mostly possible thanks to the clients and community that support Alejandra’s private and teaching practice.

We slow down now with intention so that when we go faster soon- we will do so safely and together.

-(Tobar Alatriz)

Alejandra (Tobar Alatriz) (she/her) is a queer immigrant storyteller, Healing Justice Practicing Entrepreneur, and Arts & Culture Organizer. She descends from people of Chile and Mexico and lives on the traditional and unceded territory of the Dakota, Minneapolis, Minnesota with Tigre, the senior shepherd pup.

She has been an embodiment-based bodyworker in the movement and healing arts for 20 years. She grounds her work in the Global Somatics Process (GSP), created and taught by Suzanne River. GSP is a bodywork approach that uses movement and hands-on techniques to help the body heal, integrate, evolve, and relieve stress. GSP is about becoming more embodied, more fully ourselves.

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Strength training can energize, keep back pain at bay as well as provide us with many powerful metaphors for our work for social change.