A person receives a short massage during a break at a meeting.

We use English as the primary, codified verbal language. Services can also be delivered in Spanish. We offer the following definitions (softly held) as a way to build relationship through understanding. These languages have been warped by a legacy of colonialism, individualism, white supremacy and patriarchy. Lean in or push back. We will meet you there. Some relevant terms below.

We always want to know what you desire to see and experience with us so do reach out with dreams, hopes, gaps to fill. We will refer to that as guidance as we grow.

Global Somatics Process
Healing Justice

GLOBAL SOMATICS PROCESS/// “A happy body is a fully alive body that expresses a fully alive unique person. With a happy body, you can allow your personality to express your essential self. The term “Natural Body” describes the perfect structure and functioning of the physical body and subtle energy field. The Natural Body expresses intelligence through vibration, breath, movement, sound and touch. This wisdom connects a person to her/his wholeness and participation in all of Nature.

The Global Somatics™ Process nurtures embodiment- the life process of actively seeking and openly allowing the body to reveal its consciousness and to reconnect with the energy field. Complete embodiment is a life quest and yet as simple as loving and living fully here and now. Through Global Somatics™ process, harmony and balance may be restored in the physical bodymind. This allows space for and connection to the healing and transformative wholeness that moves within the tissues of the bodymind.

The Global Somatics™ Process is an approach to the nature of bodymind that includes repatterning through resonance, movement education and intentional touch and sound. This ancient and pioneering transformational process celebrates its roots in Dance, Body-Mind Centering® (BMC™) Somatic Movement Education, Authentic Movement, Movement Therapy, Contact Improvisation, Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Medicine, Voice, The Arts and Ceremony.” -Suzanne River

Alejandra’s work grows from the above lineage. She actively engages in reflection with her practice through a current socio-political lens. She is actively exploring her role as a settler on Native land.

HEALING JUSTICE/// Healing justice is the practice of reimagining wholeness at the intersection of intergenerational trauma, current structures of oppression, and a generative and co-created future. We hold that joy and pleasure create possibility to be in right relationship with ourselves, each other, and the land. We strive to demystify medicine and healing, and to make them accessible to everyone. We believe that each person is an expert of their own experience, body and needs, and that it is necessary to address the roots of trauma and injustice for individual and collective transformation.

-Allied media conference 2018 healing justice practice space and healing justice track coordinators

Healing Justice is a political strategy conceived in 2005, and formally launched  in 2006 by the Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective to intervene and respond on generational trauma and systemic oppression,  and build community/survivor led responses rooted in southern traditions of resiliency to sustain our emotional/physical/spiritual/psychic and environmental well being.

-Kindred Healing Collective

More responses from other in the movement the four :

BODYWORK/// An umbrella term often to refer to hands-on modalities like massage, energy work, acupuncture, and more. In complementary medicine, bodywork is any therapeutic or personal development technique that involves working with the human body. These could involve tissue manipulation, breath and/or energy work. Attention to functional movement patterns, posture and awareness of the relationships within mind, body, energy and Spirit.

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Strength training can energize, keep back pain at bay as well as provide us with many powerful metaphors for our work for social change.