10 session GSP Series

Client chooses one of 9 themes or focus areas from the list below to work through as a place to start. Each session lasts on average 75 minutes, with the first session lasting 90 minutes. One is advised to repeat sessions no more than 3 times. These sessions are meant to be scheduled on a monthly basis for maintenance and exploration with up to three times per month for more concentrated experiences. Therefore, this can be a four (4) to ten (10) month commitment.

These assisted sessions include hands-on time as well as moving integration and working with the arts.

Session Options:

  1. myofascial: discovery, unwinding, deep tissue moving
  2. sports/ medical massage
  3. organ toning and rolling, mobility and motility
  4. Reiki
  5. developmental movement patterns
  6. authentic movement and stretching
  7. biodynamic craniosacral therapy
  8. global somatic and thai yoga massage
  9. awakening the senses: aromatherapy, chi movement, hot stone and towel

Price Options for the 10 session package for savings and convenience. Individual session rates here. 

  • To pay in one installment:: $699.56 paid at first visit.
  • To pay in two installments:: $430.50 paid at first visit/ $349.78 by the 6th session. 

*These prices include 7.625% tax.

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