10 session GSP Pack

Client chooses 10 themes or focus areas from the list below to work through as a place to start. Each session lasts 60- 75 minutes, with the first session lasting 90 minutes. One can repeat sessions up to 5 times.

These assisted sessions include time hands on, moving, and working with the arts.

Session Themes:

  1. myofascial: discovery (pre-requisite for myofascial series)
  2. myofascial: unwinding
  3. myofascial: deep tissue
  4. nervous system: discovery
  5. nervous system: biodynamic
  6. organ rolling
  7. organ mobility and motility
  8. energy: Reiki
  9. energy: Vibrational Aspects
  10. developmental movement: Reflexes, Righting Reactions, and Equilibrium Responses
  11. developmental movement: naval radiation
  12. developmental movement patterns
  13. developmental movement: fluids


Price Options for the 10 session package:

  • $650 paid at first visit.
  • $325 paid at first visit/ $325 by the 6th session. 
  • $70 paid monthly for 10 months, beginning at first visit.