A person receives a short massage during a break at a meeting.
Rates & Deals

There are multiple options for paying for services.


Set Price

This is for the individual who appreciates having a clear and single rate for a one-time session. Rates are commensurate with those of similar services and experiences. This can be paid when booking online or on site after appointment. An invoice can also be requested sending an email.


Packages are available for bodywork and embodied strength training. These are for the individual who is ready to commit to multiple sessions. Please inquire about paying in installments if needed. 

Sliding Scale

This is for the individual who needs a lower price to access services and for the one who can give more to support that occurring. This makes it so the cost of economic access does not fall solely on the practitioner. This can be paid post session or an invoice can be requested.


Seasonal and pilot services are offered are a discounted cost. For pilots, feedback throughout the process will be collected and will include app engagement, weekly journaling, virtual and in-person attendance.

DurationSuggested Sliding-Scale Contribution*
60 min$65.00 – $110.00
90 min$95.00 – $155.00
120 min$135.00 – $185.00
There is no income or identity requirement to access sliding scale.


“One of the first people to get me to listen to, respect and care for my body. A poet, dancer, healer activist and organizer, this woman is here for not just the people, but the whole person.”

-T.J., client

“A healer. An educator. This is not your typical massage.”

M.T., client

Embodiment for the masses.

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Strength training can energize, keep back pain at bay as well as provide us with many powerful metaphors for our work for social change.