A person receives a short massage during a break at a meeting.
Group Offerings

We facilitate play to awaken ‘patterns of knowledge and ways of thinking that can trigger the ancestral knowledge we have inside’.*

Holding Open Space

Bodywork @ Work

These services are tailored specifically to each professional context and can include many tactics for infusing mind and body wellness at work. We can include group activities, 1-1 work on a massage chair or table, presentations and more.

BIPOC pilates

This Pilates classes is for Black, Indigenous, and people of color. Core-centered, strengthening training sessions. Emphasis is on alignment, functional movement and embodiment.

Neuro Spicy Events

These events start April 2023 and will feature a mixture of providing resource and opportunity to build community. The culture of it is meant to be chill and forgiving.


In collaboration with United Bodyworkers and Artists, we are launching a soft-touch mentorship project with young artists. Applications coming in April 2023. This is meant for artists at any stage of development who feels they would benefit from a Whole Body professional relationship of mutual mentorship.

Seasonal Offerings

We are offering a goal setting workshop in 2 parts. Folx will come away in deeper relationships to their bodies and with articulated goals for themselves. Click here for recent, past pop-ups.

Coming up:

Relationship, the Body and Consent/ This multi-session program is intended for young adults and uses art, somatics and theater to support participants to arrive at a place of deeper relationship to self and another. This program can include consultation and integration with standing sexual health curriculums.

Embodied Anatomy/ These embodiment laboratories and trainings manifest as experiential seminars. We lean towards popular education and play as a form of research and practice. Summer 2023.

Embodied Strength Training for Creatives/ This inter web-based application will be coming out early Summer 2023.

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CASE STUDIES (Coming Soon)

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Strength training can energize, keep back pain at bay as well as provide us with many powerful metaphors for our work for social change.