Global Somatics Process

As a Global Somatics™ Process Teacher and Practitioner, Alejandra brings the metaphors and practical uses of GSP work when working with groups.

GSP helps individuals to activate channels between the physical body and energy field for self-realization, authentic healing and conscious evolution. Suzanne River developed this process by weaving many somatic modalities with the art/discipline of relationship. The Global Somatics™ Process encourages the happiness and wholeness of the Natural Body.

A happy body is a fully alive body that expresses a fully alive unique person. With a happy body, you can allow your personality to express your essential self. The term “Natural Body” describes the perfect structure and functioning of the physical body and subtle energy field. The Natural Body expresses intelligence through vibration, breath, movement, sound and touch. This wisdom connects a person to her/his wholeness and participation in all of Nature.

The Global Somatics™ Process nurtures embodiment- the life process of actively seeking and openly allowing the body to reveal its consciousness and to reconnect with the energy field. Complete embodiment is a life quest and yet as simple as loving and living fully here and now. Through Global Somatics™ process, harmony and balance may be restored in the physical bodymind. This allows space for and connection to the healing and transformative wholeness that moves within the tissues of the bodymind.

The Global Somatics™ Process is an approach to the nature of bodymind that includes repatterning through resonance, movement education and intentional touch and sound. This ancient and pioneering transformational process celebrates its roots in Dance, Body-Mind Centering® (BMC™) Somatic Movement Education, Authentic Movement, Movement Therapy, Contact Improvisation, Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Medicine, Voice, The Arts and Ceremony.

Alejandra’s work grows from the above lineage. She actively engages in reflection with her practice through a current socio-political lens. She beliefs in actively exploring her role as a settler on Native land. This