People’s Fund

The People’s Fund is a lasting legacy of the People’s Movement Center (2014-2020). It is currently not accepting new applications. Stay tuned for more information on a new version of this program for 2020 (and beyond) and how to sign up!


If you are booking through the People’s Fund (the fund which makes bodywork more financially accessible), each session covers 60 minutes of bodywork. This fund is for people who can’t afford the minimum or lowest sliding fee amount of any specific practitioner in the network.

This fund will make up the difference between what you can pay and a set amount that will be fair payment for the practitioner. We ask that all recipients give something towards their session, no matter how small. The fund covers the rest.

We determine fund pay-outs based on 1) our commitment to centering the lives and experiences of POCI (people of color and indigenous) people and queer/trans people and 2) paying attention to how the fund is shared out among practitioners. Looking forward to seeing you!